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I cover culture, health, lifestyle and politics for a variety of national and international publications, from The Guardian and The Independent to Vice and Euronews. I'm a regular writer at publications including PEOPLE, and Gigwise, and contribute a semi-regular column for Scarleteen, and was formerly senior editor at DogTime and on the news team for The List. You can find my music coverage here.


You can read all of my Buzz articles here.

Ambitious multimedia drama GALWAD offers a glimpse of Wales 30 years from now

BRITTLE WITH RELICS: Searching for the Welsh identity, author Richard King traces 35 key years

“If I can make it, God, anyone can!” – ‘bonkbuster’ queen MELANIE BLAKE on her unlikely author success

Creative Bloq

You can read all of my Creative Bloq articles here.

6 reasons football clubs are changing their logos

Barbie has had one of the best rebrands in years – here’s why

How Disney’s constant rebrands helped it stay relevant


16 and 60: Travelling through Europe with my grandmother

The 6 EU special territories to have on your travel radar

8 reasons to put Cardiff on your travel bucket list

Soviet structures and gritty clubs: A week in Warsaw made it my favourite travel destination


You can read all of my GoodToKnow articles here

The name Princess Charlotte goes by at school for “as normal” a childhood as possible

Where is Alone filmed and who is the cast? Everything we know about Channel 4’s extreme reality show

Where is Wolf filmed? Filming locations of the BBC drama


You can read all of my Healthline articles here

8 Ways to Turn Down Alcohol if You Aren’t Drinking

The Complete Guide to Mental Health Care for Men

Your Guide to Overdose and Opioid Awareness Days and Recovery Month

The Independent

You can read all of my The Independent articles here

How Spencer, The Crown and the internet turned Princess Diana into a Gen-Z queen

Someone I love has the same dementia as Bruce Willis – this is what I’ve seen her go through

Why I’m going back to therapy, even though I’m in a good place with my mental health


I was convinced I had a deadly disease when vision in my right eye declined. Laser eye surgery fixed my vision and health anxiety.

I'm a Gen Zer living and working in England. Getting on the housing ladder feels impossible here, and not buying Starbucks won't help.

Traveling with my dad helped me see him as an individual, not just my parent, and improved our relationship dynamic


You can read all of my Metro articles here

A positive outlook can reduce memory decline, says study

As a meat-eater, I love there being more vegan options available

How to bring romance back into your relationship, according to the experts


You can read all of my PEOPLE articles here

2023 NFL Draft: Everything to Know

Bruce Lee's Death: Details of His Sudden Passing 50 Years Ago

'Oppenheimer' Cast: Meet the A-List Actors Starring in the Christopher Nolan Film


You can read all of my PetsRadar articles here

16 best dog breeds for remote workers

How to introduce a cat to your children

How to travel with a dog


Adjusting to Sex After Adult Circumcision

Hi, Bi Guy: Coming Out to Your Friends

Hi, Bi Guy: Coming Out to Your Girlfriend

Hi, Bi Guy: Dating Guys For The First Time

Hi, Bi Guy: Debunking Myths

Staying Seen: Being Bi in Relationships with Straight People

Verywell Mind

You can read all of my Verywell Mind articles here

8 Ways to Provide Emotional Support for Your Partner

How Suicidal Feelings Manifest in Young Men—Including Myself

Understanding Primary Progressive Aphasia, The Lesser Known Dementia


This Marginal Seat Is a Litmus Test For the Struggling NHS

Unpacking Our Childhood Obsession with Jacqueline Wilson


Emerging Voices Project: Adam England Reports on the Job Market for New Grads

Are We Europe

To Topple, or Not to Topple

City Monitor

In defence of… Telford

Culture Trip

The Best Things To Do in Kolding, as Told by Those in the Know

The Daily Beast

How TikTok Trends May Be Setting Gender Back By Decades

The Edge (Hot Octopuss)

What Is Testicular Torsion?


Do climate protests impact policy?

The Guardian

Beat the graduate blues: how to prepare for life after university

HuffPost UK

I Suffered Testicular Torsion At 14 – Here's What You Need To Know About The Severely Painful Condition

The i

Health anxiety convinced me I was dying and I spent £1k on unnecessary tests – how I broke the cycle of fear

Journo Resources

Here’s How To Become A Freelance Journalist While You’re Still Studying

LGBTQ Nation

Soccer is part of my culture. But am I a welcome part of soccer culture?


How social media helped ‘Football Manager’ become one of the biggest cult games on the planet

Poetry Center 

Ode to Michael Rosen

Reader's Digest

How to recognise biphobia (and why it matters)

Retro Dodo

How Championship Manager Created A Legacy


When Mental Meets Physical

Time Out

The 20 best things to do in Cardiff (proofed, edited and updated by me)


Why you should consider Santa Eulalia for your Ibiza holiday


Do You Spiral at the Slightest Hint of Rejection? You May Have Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

The Wildest

How to Introduce Your Adult Cat to a New Kitten

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